“Ride or Die Chick”

That ride or die chick can be characterized as the following: the chick who at the drop of the telephone receiver is ready to get in that all black ensemble and handle business for a friend. The chick that is always down for her man, she supports and defends him at all costs.
What is your definition of a ride or die?
Urban dictionary define the phrase as “being the people in your life who are there through thick in thin. They’ll do what is needed to make it through with you. The ones that will stick it through till the end.”
There is something about the infamous “ride or die” chick that men and woman love. She is the epitome of loyalty and trust never to leave you high and dry. Although it’s good to have such qualities, a woman should exercise some type of restraint at some point in time, despite how much she loves those around her. “Ride or die” does not equate to accepting all or nothing. You should be able to check those you ride or die for and let them know when getting “buck” is unnecessary.
What are some of your ride or die moments you shared with your friends or BFDC sisters?