“Say What You Mean… Mean What You Say”

Honest and open communication is important on a national, local and personal level.  In this blog I will focus on personal communication between family members and loved ones. Communication or lack thereof can lead to arguments disagreements, and serious misunderstandings. Sometimes these feelings can be harbored over time (sometimes years) and then they begin fester. If the breakdown in communication happens between family members, the ill feelings can be passed down to the children and other extended family members.  If between spouses it can cause unnecessary feelings of disrespect and disconnection.

We owe it to each other as mature persons who want to live better lives to be open and honest with each other. We must begin to rethink the importance of communication on our relationships with our sisters, extended family members, and anyone in our inner circle. Even if we have to severe the ties of a relationship we can know with a clear heart and conscience that we have been open with our thoughts and honest about our feelings.

So next time an issue comes about and you’re not sure how to say what you are truly feeling and you really value that person’s friendship think of this…

Miscommunication leads to a Misunderstanding, which will result in a Missed -opportunity to Grow, Love and Learn.