2011 Will Be The Year of…

Each year most of us make resolutions. Something you have always want to do but has turned out to be a difficult long term goal. This year, BFDC challenges you to seek a broader result and find a variety of ways to get there. Instead of saying: “I want to lose weight by spring break”, try to seek better health- lower blood pressure or cholesterol, clearer skin and healthier teeth. If you can’t make it to the gym walk up the stairs more often, walk to school or work if you can and drink more water. Local discount stores are also great places to pick up dumbells, exercise tapes etc.

A different resolution may be to form a closer relationship with a family member or friend…instead of calling them and emailing them everyday for the first month of 2011, you might consider writing them a letter every month and/or setting a date to call them twice a week. Consistency is key when it comes to relationships so do not get swept in the whirlwind of new years festivities.

Economic Stability, should be a priority for everyone of all ages in 2011. CD’s and Money Market Deposit Accounts are a way of banking that many African Americans are unaware of. FICO scores and Credit are two things that can always be improved. Get educated on your finances and work towards improving your net worth. Make it a point to plan your bill paying in advance and avoid late fees, they add up! Also, look at your last bank statement and evaluate frivolous spending. Do you really need to spend 28 dollars a week on Starbucks or to spend 60 dollars a month at Sunny Nails? Small cutbacks add up to bigger more satisfying accounts and definitely can be managed.

In 2011 don’t challenge yourself to be “new”, challenge yourself to be better, healthier, richer and most importantly wiser!