30-Day Challenge

What have you done for yourself lately?

Recently, I gave myself a 30-day challenge and I am happy to say that I’ve stuck with it even though some days were tough. There were some things that I added to my challenge to help me reach my goal. There were also various parts of my challenge that I eliminated along the way that were not exclusively FOR ME. Thankfully, the ultimate goal is still at hand and I am proud to say that I am near the end of my 30-day challenge and I look forward to the end result. I’ve even planned to purchase something amazing if I reach my goal. 🙂

What short-term goal can you set for yourself that will be beneficial for your self-improvement? Do you want to manage your finances more effectively? Lose ten pounds? Read ten books? Establish an exercise routine? Establish an effective study routine to pass a graduate exam? Eat healthier foods? Learn to cook new meals? Explore new hobbies? There are numerous ways to challenge yourself to work towards a better you. Try to challenge yourself to something that will last even beyond the 30 days. That way, even after you reach your goal, you can continue to make improvements and reap the benefits of devoting some time for you.

Remember, this is a personal endeavor. No one has to know about your goal unless you choose to disclose that information. This is something exclusively FOR YOU. And, in the end, treat yourself to something amazing. I know I will. 🙂