5 Mile Walk of Life

The average person, on an average day can run 5 miles in about 40-45 minutes. Seems a like a long time to be running right? Well what if LIFE was a 5 mile run? Those 45 minutes don’t look too long now does it? Hey, I’m nervous even writing about it but hear me out. The first 1-2 miles move by pretty quickly, everything is moving pretty smooth but you think that 5th mile is so far away. When you began the 3rd mile, you start to slow down, you began to decide whether or not to keep going forward. You decide to keep trucking, yet that 5th mile is still so far. After you’ve gained a little more energy, stopped for some water, you are ready to begin the 4th mile. Then it suddenly hits you “I’m almost done. I’m almost done with my run, now what?” As you run, you start to question whether or not you’ve done all you can during your run. What did I do? How did I do? Did I have fun? Who did I meet? What goals have I met? How prepared am I for the next step? And by the time you finish answering these questions, you’re at the finish line. Done. Crazy isn’t it?

We’ve all heard those phrases our parents and grandparents used to get us to get our act together: “Life is too short”, “Don’t take life for granted”, “You’re gonna wake up one day and your whole life is gonna pass you by”, and my personal favorite “Child if I knew then what I know now.” How many of us actually take these phrases seriously? …That’s it? … Ladies, we have a problem.

After a recent death in my family, these same phrases and much more like them plagued my mind for days. But we know how it is. It happens in every family. When one person dies, and suddenly we all began thinking about our own lives and what we can change. We humans are something else. Why do we have to lose something to finally realize its worth? Every day that we are allowed to open our eyes and have the right use of our limbs, we should be living our lives! Stop being lazy, stop waiting for hand-outs and start living! I’m sure we all have had “shoulda-woulda-coulda-times” in the past, but those times stop now. NOW! Whatever it is you have set out to do for your life, do them. Now let’s really think about it, what if your whole life, much like a 5 Mile Run, happened in 40-45 minutes. What would you do?