A Diamond in the Rough

I know many of us are going through trials and tribulations in this season. Some of us are trying to find jobs to pay those bills that are piling up. Some of us have graduated and are trying to find a career, and not just a job, that suits us. Some of us are trying to get settled in church and with our relationship with God. Some of us are trying to make it through this hectic time in school. while we keep our eye on that finish line, our degrees, to truly set our life in motion.

I have no doubt that looking ten years from now, catching up on Facebook or Twitter seeing where everyone is in their lives, their careers, their families, seeing how everyone has excelled, that we will all be in the places that were meant for us, our destinies. But to get to be that “Diamond” that we all will be, that we all are, we have to get through phases. Remember, middle school science class? Do you remember how a Diamond is made? It starts as coal, some lumpy piece of simply nothing. But after going through the three phases it develops into something priceless. In order to get to that priceless piece, the phases that we are all going through now are heat, pressure, and time.

But, think about this for a moment, did you notice that the transition between coal and diamond has no intermediate stage? Although it is not an overnight thing, after you take the heat, pressure, and time you will process straight from coal to a diamond.

So ladies, know that we are going through these phases to get to what we will all be; our priceless piece of the world. Some of us may be feeling like we will never advance past that dark, hard piece, but give it time. Be patient, keep faith, keep your head up, and keep pushing.

At the end of this chapter of our lives, we will no longer be coal, we will all be Diamonds. Priceless Diamonds, because no Diamond is the same as others. They are all cut differently. Remember, there is no one in the world that will be cut or shine like you.

So, ladies get ready to shine, we are priceless, because we are unique. Always remember, you are just a Diamond in the Rough. What cut or karat do you want to be? You can be whatever you want. There are NO LIMITS! I hope this has reached you in the best way, my sisters, my Diamonds.