Activities of the Black Female Development Circle, Inc. are designed to further the mission and purpose of the organization. Specifically, it is important to the National Board and the members of the Collegiate Chapters that we adhere to our goals and objectives so that there is consistent representation and full understanding of who we are and what we value. Listed below are the signature activities and events of the National Board and of our Collegiate Chapters.


Purple Power Seminar: This annual event serves to energize our collegiate, At-Large, and Alumni membership at the beginning of our year. Informative and inspiring speakers are featured at this day long event in an attempt to arouse excitement and enthusiasm for the organization and its members.

National Conference: This bi-annual conference consists, of 3 days of workshops and activities aimed at the personal development of all who attend. Though primarily attended by members of the organization, this conference is open to the public and all women are encouraged to register for and attend this wonderful event!


Shades of Womanhood: Each year, the collegiate chapters celebrate Women’s History Month through this multicultural activity. Some chapters have a night of the arts, while others plan full conference activities, but the main theme remains the same – Black women are women too!

Tribute to a Black Man: Our collegiate chapters host this event annually to show their campus communities that the propagation of self love and self respect amongst women does not equate to a hatred of men. The members of our chapters proudly celebrate the achievements of Black students, faculty, and staff at their institutions in a genuine attempt to keep the connection between Black men and women.

Seminars/Forums: Thought provoking Seminars/Open Forums are the hallmark of our collegiate events. Our chapters are known on their campuses for their tantalizing and intellectual discussions based around the Black Female experience. Examples of these events include: Education+Career= The Single Life: The Black Woman’s Equation; He’s a Dog and She’s a Bitch: The impact of language in our community; Taste the Rainbow: Homosexuality in the Black Community;  My Black is Beautiful, Right? The Image of Beauty in Society

To Educate, Explore, Enhance, and Celebrate Womanhood