Dogs? Liars? Cheaters? No good? How about none of the above! ALL BLACK MEN ARE NOT THE SAME!!!

I am writing this blog simply because this has been on my mind for a few days. Although some black men are liars, cheaters, and up to no good, that does not mean that ALL black men are those things. Some women have had many bad experiences with men and from those experiences, they make a generalization that all men are “dogs.”

Ladies, think about this, you would hate if men said that ALL black women are loud, angry, and ghetto just because they have encountered some women that have that demeanor.  It would also be unfair, and unjust if men made such generalizations about black women to use as an excuse to date women of other races. So why would we do this to them? (Please note, some men simply prefer women of other races to which this statement would not apply).

I understand that sometimes we get fed up. Tired of the lies, tired of the cheating, tired of the games, mistreatment, etc. However, that does not mean that we should put all black men in the same category. We should, however, hold them accountable. If your boyfriend is cheating or treating you bad, confront him or leave, don’t be with him just for the sake of being with someone. Most men who lie, cheat, and abuse women do so because they can get away with it.

Again, all men are not the same. Even though the good guys are few and far between, they are still there. And ladies, don’t expect a good man if you aren’t a good woman. Be the person you want to have. If you want a fine, spiritual man, that is patient, loving, and honest, with money, goals, a good job, and a nice car… are you spiritual, patient, loving, and honest? Do you have those things?

My point is this; don’t be so judgmental towards men who have done nothing to you. Don’t let the pain, hurt, and fear build up in your heart to the point where you take your frustrations out on the next guy. It’s okay to be cautious but be careful not to project your past into the present.