Am I Beautiful?

I was watching a  show on Style network called ” How do I look?” and the episode was about a mother in her 40s with a serious fashion/clothing/image problem. The woman was white, but the things she was saying really hit me. She said things like “I dress like this because it makes me feel pretty”, “I still want to look young”, and “If it fits, why not?”.

I started thinking about what I hear my friends say when it comes to us picking out an outfit for an event. Why are we as WOMEN, black and white, so hard on ourselves? Do we really have to fit in that badly? After watching that episode, I realized there are really some things that need to be looked at.

How do you feel about yourself, inside and out?  Are there things that you wish you could change? If so, why? I feel that each and every person may have a negative outlook about something pertaining to their image. But God created us differently, we are unique in our very own way and this is how we’re supposed to be.

So dig deep and see what your own image is, bring it to light and flourish. You’re beautiful!