Am … I…. My… Sisters Keeper…?

When I look into the mirror the reflection I see is not of myself but of my grandmother, mother, and sisters.

Have you have found yourself saying, “I don’t like females” or “I don’t get along well with a group of girls”? And my favorite one of all “I get along better with guys”. When I hear some of my younger sisters say these things I wonder where it did go wrong, at what point in our lives did we learn this thought process? The thought process that our fellow sister is automatically our enemy, or plans to do us harm.

It is important that we place the same value on our female relationships as we do with our male relationships. Often times we do not offer them the same forgiveness that we offer our male counterparts. For example we all have witnessed women remain in relationships with men who have disrespected them, abused them, lied to them, and cheated on them. When asked why do you stay, some responses are “no relationship is perfect” or “we have to work through our problems” or, my favorite, “I love him”.

Why can’t we put this same effort into our relationship with our sisters, they are the ones who are there for us when we are mistreated, the ones we share our insecurities with. Our sister will wipe our tears away when we cry, listen to us vent on the phone for hours and tell us that it will be okay. Our sisters are the ones who build us up when the world has torn us down.

So ask yourself – Am…I… my sister’s keeper, or do I keep my sisters away?