Are we REALLY, truly FRIENDS?

Ok so women always have problems trying to determine who their “real friends” are. What does “friend” really mean? Being there for one another through thick and thin? Appreciating, and accepting each other for who they are and allowing them to change and accepting that as well? Being truthful at all times even when it hurts? Sitting on the phone all hours of the night being that listening ear? Helping, giving advice, and also be willing to accept the same? Giving? That’s right… giving whole-heartedly and not expecting anything in return? Arguing with each other one day and go shopping the next? Loyalty, Love, Forgiveness, Trust? What does “friend” mean? Is it all these things? If so, do all of your “friends” meet the requirements?

Then I hear people say they have a friend for different things. They have that friend they can go out with, a friend they can talk to about their relationships, another friend they can rely on when they need a ride or die, and another friend they can go to for advice. Isn’t this conditional? What if that friend that you’re always asking for advice wanna go out sometime? She doesn’t have that chance because you already have a friend for that purpose. You feel me?

Are all these people really your “friends”? Or are you using them to fulfill whatever selfish desire you have for the moment?

Of course these are rhetorical questions. I just want you to think. Think about that word we throw around so loosely and see if you still have as many “friends” as you think. See if you are really a “friend” to someone else.