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“Strength and dignity are her clothing and her position is strong and secure; and she smiles at the future [knowing that she is prepared].

-Proverbs 31:25

With a New Year comes New Year resolutions and the renewed desire for change.  Everyone has goals that they want to reach, new motivations, and new mindsets. A vast majority of these goals lay on the foundation of dieting and wanting to lose weight, getting a man, or getting more money.  As I scroll through my social media, I often see various hash tags of goals that people are aspiring to reach (#relationshipgoals, #financialgoals, etc.) I can’t help but think that people are so wrapped up in who they feel like they need to become or what they need more of, that they forget who they are now and what their God-given purpose is. I am a firm believer in focusing on the present and fulfilling the things that we were called to do. If we are not careful, we can get caught up in what we see and begin comparing ourselves to other people and then making that our new aspiration in life.

To be honest, I too, have been caught up in my own day dreams. I’ve spent a lot of time thinking and wondering about my future. I have compared my life to other people and have felt some type of way that I’m not where they are.  As I mediate on the above scripture, I ask myself, “When was the last time you considered yourself clothed with strength and dignity?” “Is your position strong and secure?” “Do you smile at the future?” “Are you prepared?”

When we learn to stop looking to the left or right and keep our eyes fixed on God and the purpose He has placed over our lives, it is then when our position is truly secure. It’s then when we can laugh at the days to come because our future is in Him, not in what we see on social media. He clothes us with strength and dignity no matter our size, our income, or our relationship status. So let’s not beat ourselves up for not having what others have or for not looking like an Instagram model.  Let’s change what is necessary for our own individual journey in life and focus on that so that we may be prepared to receive all the blessings that are in store for us.

BFDC Love,


“Breathe, Stretch, Shake and Let it Go”

“You don’t always need a plan. Sometimes you just need to breathe, trust, let go and see what happens” –Mandy Hale

The above quote especially speaks to me as I find myself transitioning from one phase of life to another.     As a woman who loves to plan out every single detail of her life, I found myself planning exactly what I want to do after graduation, where I want to be, etc.  However, as time rolled by, I realized that my plan wasn’t really working out like I thought it would.  Things just simply weren’t lining up for me like I hoped.

Just recently I had to let go of my plans and begin relying on the Master Plan for my life.  This is challenging for me because I don’t really know what that plan is.  I am forced to trust and have faith that everything is going to work out according to God’s plan for my life, not my own.  You see, life is full of change and transitions that we all have experienced since birth.  For example, as children we make the transition from little kid to teenager.  It is quite an awkward and uncomfortable transition, however, it’s necessary.  It’s not long before we reach this point of frustration and yell out the infamous words, “I’m not a little kid anymore!”.  We mature, learn, and experience life through different eyes.

As a recent college graduate, I am experiencing yet again another transition.  I am transitioning from being a college student to being a working adult.  I am transitioning from being dependent to completely independent.  This feeling is…awkward and uncomfortable because I do not know exactly what’s going to happen  next and I’m not sure where my life is going.  However, I have faith in a master plan that is set especially for me.  I will lean not on my own understanding but trust that this part of my life will only last for a season and that I soon we be in a place where I am content.  I encourage you to also find that peace in letting go of your own plans and trust that in the plan already set in place for you.

BFDC Love,


8th Annual Purple Power-Early Registration

Greetings all!

BFDC’S 8th Annual Purple Power event is coming soon and you would not want to miss out! This year’s Purple Power event will be hosted in the great city of Orlando, FL at the University of Central Florida (Go Knights!). This year’s theme is entitled “Women under Construction” and the purpose of this empowering event is to facilitate women’s growth and development within our organization. We aim to educate, inspire, and encourage all those in attendance. This highly anticipated Purple Power event will take place on Saturday August 15, 2015.

Please note that the early registration deadline is Friday May 22, 2015 and the cost per member is currently $65.00. You may register by chapter and individually through Eventbrite (link below).

We look forward to a wonderful event this year and we hope to see you there!

BFDC Love,