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National Miss Woman of Excellence Contestant: Adrienna Etienne

Hello Everyone! My name is Adrienna Etienne, a sophomore at Florida International University, majoring in Public Relations while minoring in Marketing. I joined BFDC Spring 2015 and after the first meeting I automatically knew that it would be a place where I would grow into the women I intend to be. One thing I love about BFDC is the courage the other members have for you. They are your family encouraging you to flourish in all aspects, and they are their to help you not hurt you. It can’t get any better than that!

The country I will be representing is France.

Adrienna Etienne
FIU Miss Woman of Excellence

National Miss Woman of Excellence Contestant: Christi Owiye

Hey there everyone! My name is Christi Owiye, and I am a senior at the University of South Florida. I am majoring in Mass Communications and minoring in Africana Studies. I am so excited to be graduating this semester. It’s been an amazing four years, but my time at USF is certainly expiring. At USF, I serve as the Public Relations Chair of the Black Female Development Circle, and I am so proud to be representing my chapter in the Miss Woman of Excellence Scholarship Pageant. Though I am Jamaican and Nigerian, I will be representing the gorgeous nation of Haiti, or Ayiti, for this year’s pageant. It’s an honor. Haiti was the first Black nation to gain independence via a slave revolt, and I hope to symbolize a nation of such pride and strength with grace and appreciation.

The Black Female Development Circle is very dear to my heart, and for this reason, it seemed inevitable that I would participate in this pageant. Within BFDC, I appreciate how unapologetic I am with my sisters. It is in my nature to be authentically me at all times, but with BFDC, this authenticity is accepted and appreciated. I enjoy our sense of humor and our ability to be supportive of one another. I serve as an executive board member for the Black Student Union as well, and my BFDC sisters ALWAYS support me at those events as well. Feeling a sense of community, honesty and support are crucial to building a sisterhood. I am elated that the USF Chapter of the Black Female Development Circle, Inc. enables me to not only be a recipient of these emotions, but a giver of them as well.

As we turn our focus towards the pageant, I feel confident that my sisters will continue to support me in all my endeavors, and I fully plan to do the same. It’s always a great day to be a woman of excellence in royal purple!

National Miss Woman of Excellence Contestant: Kristi Brownlee

Hello everyone, I am Kristi Brownlee. I am representing the University of Miami chapter of the Black Female Development Circle in this year’s Miss Woman of Excellence Scholarship Pageant. I am currently a junior studying Public Health on the Pre-Medical track.

Female unity and empowerment are values that I uphold and advocate for. The reason I joined BFDC is because I was introduced to a group of like-minded women that upheld these same values. I love that the women of BFDC are my confidants and my supporters. Being the representative of my chapter was the least I could do to advocate and promote the values that we hold close to our hearts.

This year, in accordance with the pageant theme –Excellence Around the World –I will be representing the Dominican Republic. This country’s rich and emotional history, specifically pertaining to the struggles and triumphs of Afro-Dominicans, has been influential in my efforts to justly portray and represent it. The racial tensions within this country and the corresponding social segregation are reminiscent of racial disparities in the United States. Thus, in my efforts to be a representation of excellence around the world, I am appreciative of this country’s history and I look forward to what this pageant has in store. Be blessed!

National Miss Woman of Excellence Contestant: Amber Mark

My name is Amber Mark and I am the current Miss Woman of Excellence for The University of Central Florida Chapter of The Black Female Development Circle, Incorporated. I am a senior majoring in Health Sciences Pre Clinical with hopes of becoming an orthodontist. I join BFDC Spring 2013 and I’ve been a national member ever since. I have gained so much from BFDC, things that I will carry with me for the rest of my life. I’ve met some of my closest friends in the BFDC Circle. The women in BFDC have helped me shape who I am, and grow into myself as a woman. This is why holding the National Miss Woman of Excellence title would mean so much to me. This organization will forever be engraved in my heart. I have the honor of representing the country of Brazil in the 2015-2016 national pageant.