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Purple Power 2015 : Women Under Construction Re-cap

“Don’t worry about being under construction right now because one day you’re going to be finished […] every construction project has an end date” – Monica May

This past weekend we were able to come together at The University of Central Florida for our 8th Annual Purple Power Conference. With 7 different seminars throughout the day there was so much inspiration, motivation, encouragement, and love that was being given that it was no surprise that everyone left feeling like they can take on anything.

Our last session of the day titled “Let’s Get to Work” featured Monica May; host of The Tom Joyner Morning Show and a news/community affairs director for STAR 94.5 COX Radio station in Orlando, FL. Monica is best described as the “HARDEST WORKING WOMAN IN RADIO” and on Saturday she spoke to us about how she got where she was today.

She made so many valid points but one that really stuck out to me was when she told us to “get off your island and explore […] you my find your places in places that you’d never expect…”. You would never expect that someone who is actually very shy in person is this booming memorable voice over the radio that loves to talk; but that’s exactly who Monica is. If she didn’t step out of her boundaries and her comfort zone she may not have had the opportunities that she was blessed with. And that spoke to me to get out of my comfort zone and start making steps to do things that I may not normally do because they could make me really happy. If you find yourself living a “routine lifestyle” where there isn’t much progression to where you want to go in life, you may have to switch up your routine and lean towards a new direction that can help you progress. If you have stage fright, get on stage; if you’re shy, talk to someone; if you’ve never traveled, go somewhere. The little steps lead to even bigger ones until you can finally stop and look back to see how far you’ve overcome.


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