I joined BFDC my freshman year in 2006 at the University of Central Florida. The Director at the time was Bianca Kierce. She was an amazing Director. I learned so much about BFDC from her and the women I would eventually call my sisters. I fell in love with the mission and purpose of BFDC. Like so many other women, I'd had terrible experiences of backstabbing, two-faced “friends”. However, in BFDC it was great seeing so many black women come together for the same purpose showed me that there are women who can be genuinely happy for you, sincerely concerned for you, and will still be there for you even when there are disagreements. BFDC also served a greater purpose, to move women to action; to encourage them to seek out leadership, to seek out their purpose, and to help them improve their quality of life by realizing and attaining self-actualization.

In one meeting, I remember Bianca saying if we have gained something from BFDC, and enjoyed the benefits of being a member, then it is time to step up and give back and help someone else gain such an experience. This sunk in with me and eventually moved me to become the Director and try to give the members the experience I had and more.

I always looked forward to Tuesday nights to chill and talk to the girls. As Director at UCF, I loved hearing how BFDC moved someone to take on a leadership position they would have not considered otherwise, or how chairing an event made them realize how much they loved event planning. I also loved hearing how BFDC changed their prospective of black women. Hearing things like this rekindles my love for BFDC and motivates me to keep going and to keep giving back.

What do you love about BFDC?