BFDC: The Foundation

March 30-April 1st The Black Female Development Circle, Inc held its first National Collegiate Leadership Retreat for all the chapters of BFDC.
Leadership is very vital to any organization but especially that of BFDC. As leaders and members in a organization it is important to know the mission and principles it was founded on. How can you build a house if you don’t have the foundation to make the structure? Here are a few things I feel will help you all when electing new e-board members.

1. Effective and accurate communication about our organization are also key in building a stable house. Do you know the BFDC Mission Statement?
What are the three principles of BFDC? What do they mean? If you don’t know please learn it!

2. Once you have your foundation you’re going to need the proper tools and workers to build your house. As leaders on your campus it is your responsibility to know and understand the purpose of BFDC and be able to educate your members, potential members, staff, etc.

3. Have a plan of action before every event, meeting, social, etc. Make sure your plan is easy to follow so that others have the ability to implement the plan without you being there. “The function of leadership is to produce more leaders, not more followers”- Ralph Nader.

4. The communication of our house must be effective. It is important to get everyone involved by learning strengths and weaknesses. Have socials that are meaningful and allow you to get to know each other so that when situations of conflict occur, you will be able to talk to your BFDC sister in a way that will reach her best.

5. Lastly, the overall look of our house should reflect our mission. We are in the business of developing women. It is important to remember that everything we do is a reflection of the organization. Make sure your meetings and events stay focused on this. Make sure wherever you take BFDC it can be regarded highly from the appearance of your members to the decor of the events you put on. People take note when things look good, make sure events start on time and that BFDC is constantly raising the bar. Let The Black Female Development Circle house be a representation of class and growth at all times.

So as election time is approaching or for some has already happened make sure that you are asking the right questions and picking the right people for the position not just because you like them. What about your chapter do you see needs to be made better and what thing do you love and want to see stay? Make sure your leaders know these things and hold them accountable in the planning phases for the upcoming year school and throughout the semesters.