Blessed to be a Blessing

Acts 20:35
35In everything I did, I showed you that by this kind of hard work we must help the weak, remembering the words the Lord Jesus himself said: ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.

It is amazing the way God has a way of showing himself in the midst of your madness. Since I was younger this verse has been ingrained in my head not only by my family but my pastor as well. Teaching me that when you have the means to help someone you should do so, not in expectancy of something in return but because it is simply the Christian way.

Now that I have gotten older the message still resonates in my mind and my heart but lately I can’t help but feel that my giving has gone in vain. Not only have I found myself giving my time, but emotions, and most importantly my love for those who:
1. Do not deserve it  AND  2. Take it for granted.

By no means did I want to come off as selfish or unfaithful in saying this…but I was tired. Tired of giving all of me and never receiving the same in return, Tired of constantly emptying my cup to not ever receive a refill, Tired of praying and not receiving an answer …

Then one day in church my Pastor spoke directly to me through a message entitled “Blessed to be a Blessing”. Preaching from Acts 3:1-10; we find within the verse, Peter and the other disciples in the land of Beautiful. In the land lay a lame man that could not walk since he was in his mother’s womb. He sat at the gate of the temple every day begging for alms. After asking Peter and the others for alms Peter responded saying “Silver and gold I have none; but such as I have I give to thee…” and instantly the man legs gained strength.

When I tell you my whole heart fell heavy. I had received the answer to my prayer through a Sunday morning Sermon. I realized that true I may not have monetary gifts to give, but the spiritual and emotional gifts that I am giving means more than anything than I can give. I had received clarification that although I feel like my giving is futile, I know that the blessing I am being to others will be a blessing to me if I just stay focused on God’s words.

I cannot speak for everyone but in my present situation that word meant EVERYTHING to me. So I urge you sisters ; when you feel that you’re giving has gone in vain to keep giving because in this season your role may be to use what God has given to you to bless others.

Maya Francis