Blessed to be a Blessing!


How was your holiday weekend? I pray that everyone enjoyed their time with their loved ones, sharing memories and creating new ones. I also pray that you all were blessed with the gifts that you most rightfully deserve. Speaking of creating memories and being blessings, I am so proud of what BFDC has accomplished during this holiday season.

As many of you know, BFDC began collecting canned food for our “Pay It Forward” project for the Bethel Foundation, a non-profit organization based in Oklahoma City, OK that assists single mothers and their families get back on their feet. During the holiday season, single mothers are the last group of people that we think about. We forget how much single mothers struggle or sacrifice just to put food on the table. This year, BFDC decided to changed that. We wanted to SHOW these mothers that we did not forget about them, that we encourage them, and that we appreciate their strength and will to be the great mothers they are.

I am pleased to announce that the beautiful ladies of The Black Female Development Circle, Inc. sent over 140 lbs. of food to the Bethel Foundation this year, helping the organization feed over 6,000 single mothers and their families during this holiday season.

Special thanks to the UCF, UM, SPELMAN, AND FIU chapters that participated in this special project. Words cannot express how much I appreciate you ladies for supporting our national organization in “Paying It Forward.” We truly did something great and it would not have been possible without you ladies! Thank you again!


For more information on the Bethel Foundation and to make a charitable contribution, please visit their website at