Cleaning out my Closet

Back in February, I was sitting on my couch and randomly decided that I should clean out my closet. The next day at work it was all I could think about and I couldn’t wait to get home and get rid of some clothes. When I finally got home I pulled out a trash bag and within 20 minutes that bag and a second bag was over flowing with with clothes, shoes, and purses. Before I had a chance to change my mind I immediately put the bags in my car and drove them to Goodwill. When I got home I was so pleased with myself and even more pleased to see all the space in my closet!

After telling a friend about it, he suggested that maybe the closet was just a metaphor for all the clutter I’ve accumulated in my life. After giving it some thought, I agreed. Since then I have intentionally removed people, places, and things from my life that were just taking up space. I’ve also asked God to remove any clutter I wasn’t willing or able to move… let’s just say God must have been waiting on that request because when I tell you things and people I thought I needed and wanted started disappearing…

My new rules are:
1) Don’t replace previously removed crap with similar new crap.
2) If I bring something new into my life, I have to get rid of something similar that I no longer have use for.
3) Things I get rid of that can be of use to someone else must be given to someone else.
4) What God removes, I can’t revisit.

I have definitely noticed a positive change in my attitude, outlook, and productivity since that awesome day I cleaned out my closet. I thank God for sending me down this path and can truly say that through it all I haven’t wanted or missed anything or anyone I no longer have. I have simply made room for God’s blessings to flow to and through me… what could be better than that?!