Complacency Kills the Calling

Merriam Webster’s Dictionary defines complacency as self-satisfaction especially when accompanied by unawareness of actual dangers or deficiencies. The key word is unawareness. When you are in a position of complacency you lose sight of the things that can and will come your way. More often than not when we’re complacent we can miss out on the great opportunities before us.
As women of promise it is vital that we expect the unexpected, leap into the unknown and be prepared to grab an opportunity the moment it presents itself.

Choosing to accept what’s before you because it’s easy and comes naturally will leave you stagnant with an unfulfilled calling. We must strive to outdo ourselves and take the initiative to do what we may have thought we could never do.

Don’t let being comfortable drive the decisions you make in life. It’s not until we get outside of that comfort and complacent area that we can truly succeed and truly shine.