“Destiny cannot be changed, but it can be challenged.”

Everyone has a final destination. We all have our paths set for us. The place where we are suppose to end up, the people we are suppose to touch along the way, the lives that we will help change, the careers we will start and finish, the families we will start, and the legacies we will leave behind. All of these are set in stone, however they can be challenged. Milestones will come and people will try to sway us away from where we are supposed to be. Some of us will take a longer road to get to our final destiny, rather than the shorter road God has set for us. People will talk about you, try to bring you down, tell you “You can’t do that.” But we can, and we will because our destiny is set.

Although it will be challenged at times, keep your head up and keep pushing because you will reach your destiny. It will be fulfilled and you will be great. I firmly believe that all of us will make it in the history books in some aspect, an article will be written and published about us, we will be on television being interviewed, some of us will publish, or start fortune 500 companies. One hundred years from now we will be the one being talked about in a positive way and being used as examples that you can do it, you can succeed.

Your destiny has been set. Do not let the tests, the challenges that come along, diminish your faith. Live out your destiny to your fullest and always remember, you are awesome! No matter what.