Does it Matter if You’re Black or White… or Light?

This is an issue we always talk about. Light skin vs. dark skin.

Let me say this… I think it is a shame that it is even an issue. Isn’t this racism/discrimination/stereotyping within our own race? Why? Why are we so obsessed about how dark or light our pigmentation is?  Does it matter?

All light skinned people aren’t fine and all dark skinned people don’t have sweeter juices!

Do women and men really think that just because a woman is light skinned “she is all that” or “she got it made” or a black woman with lighter skin is better than a black woman with darker skin? REALLY?

All of these comparisons start to make women feel uncomfortable in their own skin. Shame. Yeah we can say the media contributed to the issue but how many of us still promote it? We are still going to buy the albums, watch the videos, the movies, the shows, and download the music. We are still going to believe that the black women they are portraying on TV as beautiful black women are just black, and we are still going to believe that they aren’t making the black woman’s shade a little lighter to make her more marketable. Yeah

We all know where this came from. We all know why lighter skinned women are more accepted in society. And if you don’t know, let me just put it this way, light is closer to white.

Do we have to feed into this crap? Can’t we rise above this brainwashed fantasy? Probably not, but what we can do is love ourselves. To all the women who don’t want to go in the sun afraid to get a shade darker, who wants to stay inside and rub on cocoa butter to make sure their complexion stays light, who wants to buy the bleaching cream to look like Beyonce or Halle, who wish they could be a couple shades lighter, STOP! Take a look at yourself in the mirror. Who are you trying to become? Who are you afraid to become? Why?

To any woman who have ever been talked about, joked on, or laughed at because of your skin, or had that awful comment told to them “you are pretty for a dark girl”, love yourself. Do not allow the ignorance, the superficial judgments, and the hatred take away your self-confidence, your self esteem, your self love.

This is and has been an issue for the ages. When will we get it together?