Dont Block The Blessing…

Over the last few months I have been looking for new television and bedroom furniture. I have a new job that has given me a significant income increase so I knew I could afford to make the purchase.  I went to several websites and several furniture stores looking for the right look and right price.  I went back and forth for over five months and finally got to the store to make the purchase and the feelings of guilt and fear began to settle in.

I began to feel irresponsible for spending so much money; I started to question if I was really living outside my means? Can I really afford this? What if this? What if that?

But what if the reality of my situation is that I am blessed? What if I am being rewarded for all of those times I did sacrifice and did obey? What if he is allowing me to be a personification of his word?   

Was I afraid of being blessed? I had to really stop my mind from racing and shut out all the fears and doubts and utter the words THANK YOU.

I am simply of speaking of buying furniture but this can apply to any situation.

Don’t be afraid to advance in life! Whether it’s a job, your college career, or in your organization, if you put in the work there will be return.  There will be enough obstacles already in place, don’t add any extra…

Don’t Block The Blessing!

Peace 🙂