Easy Tips for a Thinner, Healthier Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is this week and most of us have two things on our minds, FOOD and SHOPPING. I’ll be emptying out my pockets  – lol so unfortunately I have no advice in that category! But I can definitely lend a helping hand on how not gain an extra 5 pounds during this Thanksgiving and holiday season. With a little help you can satisfy your desire for traditional favorites and still enjoy a guilt-free Thanksgiving feast. The only one that should be feeling stuffed is the turkey. 🙂
1. Morning exercise
Even if its a walk around the block or a family Wii Fit tournament, make sure you get a minor workout in before you eat to burn off any extra calories from the night before. My family loves to dance to the Michael Jackson “The Experience” Wii video game, its fun and definitely a work out!

2. Eat Breakfast
Many of us try not to eat breakfast the day of because we feel that if we don’t we’ll have plenty of room for grandma’s sweet potato pie and her infamous stuffing. That’s exactly what not to do. Start your day with a small yet satisfying breakfast, i.e. whole grain cereal with milk, or egg with a piece of whole wheat toast. This can curve your appetite.

3. Less sugar, Less Fat
If you’re making a dish try to make it figure friendly. Use fat-free chicken broth for basting your meats and making gravy. For baked goods use sugar substitutes or fruit purees instead. REDUCE, REDUCE, REDUCE oil and butter wherever you can. With minor adjustments, I promise the taste will still be the same.

4. Portion Control
a. Buffet style or feast style the display of traditional family favorites is mouth watering. Just the sight of greens, yams, mac and cheese, etc, makes you want to make room on your plate to taste everything. That’s exactly what not to do. Before you go through the buffet line or reach for a dish in the center of the table, survey the options. Think about the foods that you haven’t had throughout the year. Don’t waste your time on food that you eat from time to time during the year. Fill your plate with small portions of your holiday favorites that only come around once a year.
-One serving is quite filling. Resist the temptations. Just have leftovers for the next day.

5. Slow and Steady
a. Eating slowly, putting your fork down between bites, and tasting each mouthful is one of the easiest ways to enjoy your meal and feel satisfied with one plate of food. Choose the healthiest foods that contain whole grains, vegetables, salads, etc.

6. Easy on the Liq (yes… Liq)
Remember that alcohol has calories that add on to the food you’re eating. So have a glass of water in between your alcoholic beverages, this way you stay hydrated and limit alcohol calories. Oh and of course stay sober 🙂 .

7. Celebration
The holiday season is a time for celebration. Family and friends should be the focus not the food on the table. The main focus should be celebrating relationships and spending quality time.

I promise if you follow these simple steps for this holiday season, I guarantee you won’t need the “Lose 15 pounds” New Years Resolution.  I hope each and every one of you have an amazing holiday season filled with happiness and laughter, joy and cheer. From my family to yours, Happy Holidays!

Love ya lots. #BFDClove
-Shirelle 🙂