Embrace: I love me!

As human beings we go through life with aspirations to be and do things as close to perfect as possible. But through the course of our lives we do tend to screw up things, not once, not twice, probably more times than we want. Failed relationships, physical appearance, bad grades, bad habits, etc. Life Happens. How do you overcome these situations? Do you sulk? Cry all day and night? Blame others? No. The questions you should ask yourself are: How do I bring peace to myself? Can I look past the situation? What will make me happy?

Self Acceptance is the task you need to take on. Be able to accept and embrace who you are, blemishes and all. Seek inner peace. Talk to your higher power.

I look at the women that are engaged in the “natural hair evolution” and I commend them for embracing the beauty they were born with. No matter what their individual “natural hair journey” may be, they have all experienced negative looks and comments from coworkers, family members, spouses, etc. They’ve accepted the choice they’ve made. Self Acceptance. Embrace.

Take on the challenges that really matter. Life is too short to sweat the small stuff. Do you! Be happy! And don’t let what other people think of you block your blessing that you may have pouring in.