Everything Must Go

In life sometimes we hold onto baggage and clutter that in actuality needs to be something that we leave behind. Our relationships are like those overly trendy fads we follow, we look back and say “What was I thinking??” Or some friends are like handbags, seasonal at best. Our experiences are like our bookshelves, we store some memories hoping to learn or refer back to them but at what point do we seperate what is toxic and trash from what is treasure? Reflecting upon my life I can honestly say that after what I consider my “Garage Sale” I am a lot happier and closer to my goals. How am I supposed to appreciate and take care of what is good, if I am still holding onto what is bad? I think that all of us as women need to understand that there is a time and a place for everything. The same way we critique our fashions and artifacts as things that may need to be let go, we should also analyze all of the baggage in our lives. You can never recognize a good man standing in front of you if you are busy comparing and finding similarities to your last. If you expect people and friendships to fail or be irrepairable because of events in the past, then it will. This week think about everything that is bothering you, make a list. Figure out exactly why it is bothering you and if it is not something worth fixing, then let it go. When its all said and done, somethings you can pull back out of the closet and rock, some you can not. Evaluate what is most valueable, but after that understand sometimes EVERYTHING MUST GO!