Flowers for You

In light of Thanksgiving and recent death of Paul Walker, I wrote a poem about telling loved ones how much you love them while they are still alive. There is also a poem by Juan Olivarez titled “Don’t Give Me Flowers When I’m Dead” that inspired this poem as well. Please keep in mind it is a ROUGH draft. 🙂

I want my flowers now,
right here while I’m living.
Let’s exchange gifts of love and laughter,
Embracing the spirit of thanksgiving.

I want my flowers now.
I hope this doesn’t come off rude.
I’d rather you share my smile,
than to see yours sad and blue.

Here, take my hand
for I also have flowers for you
Let me share your smile
while I thank you for all that you do:

Yellow Roses for your FRIENDSHIP,
Blue Irises for your FAITH and WISDOM.
Lillies for your PURITY,
and Orchids for your RARITY.
Daises for your INNOCENCE,
Hydrangeas for your PERSEVERANCE.
Sunflowers because I ADORE you,
Tulips because I LOVE you.

Let’s talk about the memories made,
and the new adventures to turn up next.
What’s a quick smiley face, heart, or daily devotion through text?

Cause I want my flowers now,
and you deserve yours too.
I vow to not wait until I can’t
hear you say “I love you too.”

-Jazmin Jones