Good Deeds

Spoiler alert!!!!

I recently saw Tyler Perry's good deeds, which was his typical love story; homeless custodian falls in love with rich, knight in shining armor that sweeps her off her feet and moves her and child to Africa with him.  AWWWW how cute, right?

It's great to have a fairy tale ending to our story, but what if we  don't get it? What if we never get a Wesley Deeds and get stuck with a rude, abusive man like Charles? What then becomes of our story?

I absolutely adore Mr. Perry but I don't feel he shows the strength of a woman. In this day and age, its imperative that we  have our own, that we are able to fend for ourselves, make a living for ourselves and be our own fairy tale. We need to be independent and not rely on a man to give us a house to live in or a free trip to Africa. Want to go out of the country? Work and save for it! Want that dream house? Get it!

If we happen to have a beautiful outcome like the women in his movies, thank God! If we don't, that's fine too. Happiness comes from within, not from men. Will we be the damsel in distress or the strong, self sufficient women God created us to be? The choice is ours!

Be blessed!