Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil

The most common thing understood about friendship is that you take me as I am. A true friend will not change the fact that I wear my socks with flip flops out in public & even though you can’t stand my boyfriend a friend is still cordial with him. But what about when it comes to destructive behavior, if you see me texting and driving do you say something? I mean, it won’t be because you are nagging but you care about my safety. Or if you see a new “friend” influencing me to do drugs, do you let me do it just because you don’t want to upset me? A true friend will speak up when necessary. You may have a thought that we may not be friends in the end and that may happen, but at the end of the day you made an effort to make sure that the best is happening for me. Who knows, your friend may stray but they may return knowing that you are a true friend and you are the person who is suppose to be in their life. When you see something going on with a true friend we can’t be the monkeys. If you hear evil, don’t keep listening, if you see evil, don’t close your eyes, if you speak evil, be quiet. Accepting a friend for who they are and disregarding that they may be detrimental to themselves are two different things. So speak up.