High Expectations Good or Bad?

The idea of setting high expectation has rewarded some and failed others. It appears some people believe the only way to avoid disappointment is to expect nothing. But, is it realistic to expect nothing? Do we truly avoid disappointment when we receive nothing, because we expected it?

The optimal level of expectation has yet to be discovered, in my opinon, because it has too many layers. The consensus appears to be  – set high expectation for yourself, and set little to no expectation for others. I find this hard to believe.

The article, “Managing Expectations: Building Strong Relationships” suggests the key to setting expectations is to ensure they are expressed, realistic, and flexible. Now, these ideas I can support. The expression of expectations builds stronger relationships and it gives those around us the opportunity to learn the roles and responsibility they have in our lives.

I believe that we should set expectations and accept not expect disappointment.

I say…
Say how you feel.
State what you need.
Set expectations and reject the alternatives.

At the end of the day would you rather be disappointed because you expect nothing and got nothing? Or disappointed that you expected something realistic and it just did not happen the way you expected.