Home Is Where The Heart Is

The foundation for any person's life is family or the lack of family. It determines who we are and what we become in our lives–our home. Think about it, whenever someone makes the decision to seek therapy, the therapist  always ask: How was your childhood or what was your home life like? Our family model is either something we look to for instruction or something we learn from to do better. The past couple of weeks I have been hit with family triumphs and tribulations and I felt it was only right that I share this simple sentiment with my sisters: FAMILY IS IMPORTANT. PERIOD. As much as I believe everyone agrees with the previous statement, I am also fully aware that not everyone understands the depth or severity of that statement. We take for granted ( I know I have) our family members like they will be here forever. Phone calls have been reduced to text messages or “likes” on Facebook, house visits have been reduced to emails, family events have become less popular, and the worst thing, no more grandparents or great-grandparents to pass down our history. The state of the family, even more so the black family is declining at a very fast rate and it is up to us to bring the importance back up.

So God, with his wonderful sense of humor hit me in the head with this lesson while I was on twitter. As I was “tweet watching” I noticed a few tweets from author Enitan O. Bereola, II. He tweeted about how his family, no matter where there are in the world, get on the phone for prayer EVERY Sunday as a way to keep them connected and grounded. What interest me the most was the fact the here he is, this famous author and motivational speaker who travels all over the world, never forgot about HOME. And because of this, he is living an abundant life. Some of us can't do that even if we had a regular 9-5 and lived in the same city as our relatives and wonder why we can't get ahead.

God hit me in the head again while I was recently watching one of my favorite shows “Unsung” on TV1 that  featured the story about Sly and The Family Stone. Sly, a genius in R&B and Funk, was truly a man about family, unity and social change. Even after the drug abuse and the rockstar lifestyle, Sly went back to what kept him grounded for so many years before, his family, his home. What made his story that much greater, was his family welcoming him back  with open arms. We all know someone who just can't let go, and honestly that person may be us. But we waste so much time and energy on the past and end up regretting it in the future. There was a double lesson (for me) to be learned in his story, and I felt God was hitting me in the head again and I felt it was only right that I share it with you all: When you take care of home (and your heart), everything else will fall into place.

Take care.

“God is at home, it's we who have gone out for a walk.”
–Meister Eckhart