How Does She Wear Her Hat?

In my last blog post, “Love & Little Ones”, I mentioned the on-spring of engagements and pregnancies happening in April and now we are approaching September and many weddings have come and gone and many babies have come out of the oven! Personally I was the Maid of Honor to two of my closest friends who both had/have weddings in August (you can only imagine what my life has been like). So guess what? It’s the time of transition again!

Whether you are going back to school, starting grad school, enjoying your engagement process, marriage, new career position, new car, or living post-grad life, life has changed. Life seems to consistently to do that right? Not only does life change, we typically change as well… sometimes intentionally and sometimes subconsciously.

I love that the BFDC woman aka the “Purple Hat Lady” wears a hat because many of us multidimensional, multifaceted women wear so many hats and life transitions cause us to buy new hats, and work on our identity… again. After a girlfriend becomes a wife, she has to adjust to this new hat and adjust to the new identity. In many ways she is not the same person. That happens as we transition in life. It can be quite uncomfortable adjusting to a new role or identifying yourself as this “new person”.

However, we are women who have dedicated our lives to Developing and that requires evolving and revamping. We all want to become better. But what is better to you? In this new life transition, what does the best woman in this position look like? How does she wear her hat?

Today, examine your new hat or the new hat you plan to have. Make one character change (keep your word, create a daily schedule, plan your meals, call a family member weekly, have a monthly meeting with your supervisor to assess your growth, etc…) to exemplify what you look like in this new hat and wear that thang well honey!

Cheers to a new wardrobe,

Kiara J. Nair