How powerful is your purpose? defines purpose as being the reason for which something is made and an intended desire, aim or goal. One of my friends told me that she feels her purpose is to earn a degree get married and have kids. These desires are what she uses to base her life choices around.

How in tune with your purpose are you?

Achieving purpose takes a plan of action and a driving force behind it to see that it is carried out. Once you find your purpose the feeling of void in your life that you once felt will be filled with an overwhelming desire.

A desire that is so immense that it overrides any substantial amount of doubt that you have or may be felt by anyone who has an opinion on what you should do. The strength of this desire will continue to prove that obstacles will never overshadow you and what you have set for yourself.

Throughout my life I’ve always been driven by my own purpose of helping people. Helping others makes me feel amazing! It honestly gives me a warm feeling and brings a sense of balance to my life. That is why I was so drawn to BFDC. It has given me opportunities to help others and walk in my purpose. I also found a group of WOMEN who were purpose-driven and without knowing it they encouraged me to be stronger.

The remarkable power of purpose! No person can dissuade you from what you are destined to do and no thing can obstruct your path – except you. Accept yourself and your purpose and any mishap will simply be a lesson well learned that will allow you to be constantly moving in one direction—forward.

Kim Bondy stated, at the 3rd National Conference, “sometimes courage looks like crazy.” So make sure that you couple your crazy courage with your powerful purpose and the sky will never be your limit.

BFDCNancy Panin, UCF Chapter Director