Improving Yourself in 2012

As we enter into the second week of 2012, many of us have already planned our new years resolutions. Many of our resolutions are things we  always wanted to do but have turned out to be long term goals. This year, I challenge you to make a resolution that will improve your inner-self. Instead of having a cliche resolution such as ” I’m going to lose weight”,  say “I’m going to lose what is weighing me down emotionally”. 2012 is a new year and new beginning, so make YOURSELF a top priority.

Ways you can do this:

1.  Make time for yourself on a day to day basis enjoying what you like to do.

2. Think about your actions and how it will affect you emotionally.

3. Remove negative aspects of your life.

4.Surround yourself with people who truly support you in your life goals.

5. RELAX! RELAX! Don’t overexert and over think  yourself.

6.  Have confidence in yourself and what you do.

 Also,  remember a Clear Mind + Clear Spirit = A Better You.