It’s Not the End of the World

Like many of you, I was slightly disappointed that the world did not end on December 21st. I sat around all day with canned goods and bottles of water waiting… and waiting… However, after 24 hours the world kept spinning, it was December 22nd, and as we can see – life goes on.

I’m using a bit of sarcasm, but I’ve realized that this “wait, worry, and watch nothing happen” scenario is more than just end of the world craziness. It’s also a pattern that I’ve gotten much too familiar with. Something unexpected or unwanted will happen and I decide it’s the end of the world! It could be anything – an argument with a friend, a relationship gone wrong, making a poor choice, failing a class, etc.- when it happens I’m all gloom and doom and then it turns out to be no big deal in the grand scheme of life.When I was younger and I would complain abut all my problems, the old folks would say “chile, keep living”… and now I think I know what they mean.

Ask yourself – 1. what ridiculous notion has you waiting… and waiting, and 2. what exactly are you waiting for? It doesn’t matter how long you sit and worry, eventually, when you open your eyes and pay attention to what’s going on around you,  you’ll see – it’s not the end of the world after all :-).

As we embark on a new year, it’s customary to discuss new beginnings and make promises to leave bad habits in the previous year. It seems though, that a New Year is not the end or the beginning, but an opportunity to continue the work you were sent here to do; nothing more and nothing less. KEEP moving forward!

Blessed Wishes for you and yours in 2013 and beyond!