It’s So Hard To Say Goodbye

We all have lost someone who was and still is near and dear to our hearts. In some cases we have time to prepare for their departure but in most cases we don’t. It’s so strange how we can say so and so has been on my mind I need to call them or I need go by and see them.  If you are anything like me that phone call just does not happen or you don’t get a chance to make that visit.

Just recently my coworker passed away, I had only known her a few months, but when we met it was like kindred spirits we had so many things in common. I would always check to see when she was working because I knew I would have someone to talk and laugh with on break.  I came to work a few weeks ago and I heard she was no longer with our organization. Well I was shocked and I kept telling myself to get her number so I could call her and see how she was doing.  I did not get the number to make the call. Her passing was hurtful for many of us on the job, but was very emotional for those of us who were close to her.

We have to remember that this time on earth is a gift and life events can do a number on us. We become emotionally drained or so bogged down with just trying to make it that we don’t get a chance to talk with our loved ones and friends like we want to, or can’t make as many visits as we would like.  A text message saying hi or I hope you have a good day only takes a moment to send. A lot of our family is on facebook, write on their wall and tell them you love them and miss them :-). 

To close, the next time that person crosses your mind, stop, get your phone or go to your computer and communicate. Do your best to talk with them. Ask them how their day is going, share your good thoughts and not so good thoughts with them, but most of all let them know they are important to you and even though you don’t call everyday they are in your heart and on your mind, and when that day happens and they are no longer here with us it won’t be so hard to say goodbye…