Lessons from the Past

During one of my many life discussions with my coworker about our pasts, I noticed that he frequently tells his stories from a limited omniscient point of view. He replays his life as if he wasn’t even there. Almost as if he is telling someone else’s story. I found it strange because he constantly repeats, “Well it is what it is. The past is past.” Why was he being so distant from his past when he claims it’s irrelevant? Is the past really just the past? Or does it means much more then we would like to admit? Hmmm…

Our past is the basic foundation of who we are today, no matter how often we try to ignore it, replace it or pretend we weren’t even there. Don’t believe me? Why do you think psychologists ask about a person’s childhood during therapy sessions? Not because they’re nosey, but because our past directly or indirectly effects the choices we make later on in our lives. The past is even engrained in our DNA! Don’t believe me? Why do you think doctors always ask if there is any history of illnesses in your family? Even the things our grandparents and great-grandparents did in the past effects us today.

I can admit that I have fallen prey to my past in the many bad decisions I’ve made in my life. However, I am learning that I am not perfect. I will continue to make bad decisions, only now I will embrace the lesson that has been given. I have also learned that as much as I’ve tried to ignore or forget the negative things from my past, the more they kept showing up.

With that being said, the past is NOT just the past and although “it is what ‘it’ is,” IT will continue to be if we don’t embrace it. Take charge. Learn from it.

“The past is never where you think you left it.”
― Katherine Anne Porter