Let’s talk about this scenario:

Why is it that when Woman A is dating the same man as Woman B, and when she calls it to the other’s attention, the women get irate with each other as opposed to the man who’s playing them both?

I had a situation where I was dating a man for over a year, and he was seeing women all over the country, and I didn’t know about it.  I found out after receiving a clue via the infamous Facebook website, and I called the young lady at that point.  She was initially speaking to me as if she were appreciative, etc.  However, after she must have spoken to the guy involved in this situation, he was able to make her believe I was the “bad guy,” and she proceeded to become angered with me.  She even went to the extreme of emailing my boss at my place of employment.  Needless to say, it was unnecessary drama in my life.

On the other hand, we have women who know they are the other woman, and purposely live a deceitful lifestyle.  They even sometimes know who the other woman is or sometimes are even friends, and still continue to play along as the “other woman.”

I think its time that we as women and as Black women, learn to help each other.  Besides, when it comes to men in this situation, they have no problem keeping quiet, and helping each other out.  I believe if we became involved in the movement to change our society’s outlook on how we should behave, and conduct ourselves as “ladies,” then eventually; society would have no choice but to accept it. Can we start today ladies?