Let IT Go

Everyday I realize more and more how much I’ve truly learned while being in college. While writing a paper in APA format is okay, and knowing the anatomy and physiology of life wouldn’t hurt us, I believe I’ve learned a much more meaningful, relevant and lifelong lesson.

Many of us are currently in college or have been at one point so we know about the pettiness that can occur. If we aren’t constantly talking about an athlete, it’s about a Greek. If it’s not about a Greek, it’s about a modeling troupe. If it’s not about models it’s about a girl who dates an athlete who happens to be a Greek who cheated on them with a model that can’t dress and should wear a better lace front and so on and so forth.

This past weekend I have personally been the victim of pettiness. Long story short, the same individual that has been trying to ruin my life struck once again. From trying to ruin my name to making up lies, Lord knows I wanted to politely give them a piece of my mind but I didn’t. What would be the purpose? What they said about me doesn’t solidify who I am, it doesn’t matter. I know what I stand for and I know the truth so I did not allow them to ruin my day. A year from now I guarantee that the things we once thought were life threatening will become a joke. I’ve learned that MOST things we go through while we are here will have no significance once we graduate, once we enter the real world. The boys we fought over won’t even remember our names, the girls who hated us will be sweeping our floors for a living and the tears we cried will be jokes to our children. With that being said, why allow people and things to rent space in our minds now? Why give situations enough power to make us leave an event early, go around fighting people, feuding via social networks or crying our hearts out? These four years should be the time of our lives. It should be the time where there are no worries, simply homework and fun. We should be basking in our independence, rejoicing at our lack of serious responsibility and enjoying life. I’m convinced that’s impossible to do if we spend every moment caught up in unnecessary drama.

From my own experiences and the experiences of others, I’ve made up in my mind that nothing or no one will affect my life and I think all of you beautiful women should too. I urge you all to join me on the “if it doesn’t apply let it fly” Campaign. The next time a situation occurs ask yourself if in two years it will be of any relevance. If the answer is no, let it go.