Let It Go

It’s crazy how we as women have come so far but still hold ourselves back with “Bitterness”. Why are we so bitter? Why do we hold grudges? It’s an emotion that is crippling us and we must stop it as its spreads from generation to generation.  Ask yourself: do you cringe when you see something that you can’t have, a black man with white woman, seeing your ex? Being bitter can turn into violent and/or self destructive behavior that can lead to a world full of aggression.

Why choose to live to life with such anger and hatred? Instead turn that negative energy into something positive and just GET OVER IT. I know it may sound easier said than done but it’ll lead to something greater in the long run, I promise :-).

So next time you see a girl that “tried” you, a guy that you previously dated, a teacher you think cheated you, etc. Just think that life is too short to be dwelling on something that doesn’t matter any longer or that happened in the past. Let’s move on and Let go.