Live YOUR life

Life can be overwhelming at times. You may be pulled in so many different directions, you may hold so many titles, or you may play various roles (mother, sister, friend, mentor, leader, etc.) to so many people. But within that mix lies someone that is often neglected, and under appreciated. That someone is YOU.

While you are so busy trying to fulfill all the obligations that your “titles” require, or trying to be everything to someone else, you often forget about fulfilling the obligations to yourself. We have been persuaded to believe that if we aren’t devoting all of ourselves to be in service of other people, then we aren’t living.

It’s okay to take a little time for yourself. Have you accomplished all of your PERSONAL goals? What about half? While in the midst of being the Renaissance woman or man, take the time for personal growth. Develop the skills that you desire to learn. Take me for example; I’ve wanted to learn a new language, learn a new dance, and to start playing the piano again for a long time now. But because I was a student, an employee, a “leader”, a girlfriend, a friend, a mentor, a servant, etc., I forgot about just being me. While being all those things was a part of being who I am, they are just that: parts of who I am.  Take a little time for yourself and think about those things that you have wanted to do but have slowly and inadvertently disregarded.

Below is something that I received while at a retreat with my BFDC sisters. I hope you enjoy:

Find Solace in Solitude-

Take time for silence.

Turn off the television, radio, and telephone.

Escape your family and friends.

Sit in silence . . . just you, with you.

Love Always,