Love & Little Ones

I guarantee 99% of the people reading this blog can tell me at least one person that just got engaged or is about to have a baby. It’s the season of love and little ones again! It has been a beautiful thing to watch my friends and close ones enter into a new phase in their life. Quite honestly I feel like this is a transitional season for many of us even if we are not about to get married or have a child just yet.

Instead of wallowing in “God when will it be my time?” I realized it was STILL my time to partake in this season. Engagements are the seeds for marriage and children are the fruits of marriage (of course children can come about without a marriage certificate, as I did myself, but just flow with me here!). Nonetheless engagements and children all fall under “relationships” whether it be romantic relationships or familial relationships. It’s the season of relational growth!

So if you’re a single (unmarried) lady like myself or are not having a child at this time or even if you are a fiancĂ©e or have a bun in the oven, let’s take the time to develop our current relationships with our friends, family, spouses or coworkers. Get to know new people, get out and date and enjoy this time of love and growth!

Many of us have relationships that need to be restored. I believe this is the perfect time to make that happen. If you didn’t feel like you were the best friend or sibling or daughter, redeem the time! It’s never too late to say I love you, I apologize and/or I forgive you. Let’s grow our relationships ladies! We are more than our outward appearance and careers. We are relational beings that thrive off human interaction. Let’s make an effort to be fruitful in that area this season!

And congrats to all the newly engaged couples and bundles of joy that are on the way! May you keep God at the center as He continues to bless you with life!

Kiara Nair