Make peace with the past

It is important to make peace with the past because holding on to anger, frustration and every other negative emotion will eventually take a toll on you. It is time to be big girls and confront whatever is holding us back! Someone hurt us? Tell them!! Someone disrespected us? Make it known! I’ve discovered that half of the time people are not aware that they are even doing something wrong, so it’s on US to make it right. Life is entirely too short to have a heavy heart. Life is too short to walk in a room and have to ignore people because they’ve done something to us years ago.

We need to GROW UP! Yes, I said it! When we stop being who we are because of someone else, that person has already won. They have gotten the best of us, rented a space in our minds and changed us. We all understand what it feels like to be betrayed by “friends.” We all understand what it feels like to be disrespected by those who claim to love us. We’ve been ignored, discouraged and have had dirt thrown on our names. But we can do one of two things in that situation; get angry and become just as foolish as the people committing those acts OR we can remain our true, beautiful selves and be mature about the situation. I like the latter, what about you all?

Many of us are extremely non confrontational; we hate arguing with people, we hate drama, and hate problems so we tend to not speak up when there is an issue with others, WHICH SOLVES NOTHING!!!!!!!!! Initially, it can be difficult to confront someone but what can push us is thinking about the outcome. No matter how someone reacts, at least it’s off our chest and onto theirs. We are doing our part when we make our concerns known; therefore it is up to them how they decide to handle it. Be wise, be nice and understanding, but we must stand firm on what we believe and how we feel. The worst thing is to leave this earth with unresolved issues because we have to answer for that and to also let someone that we have unresolved issues with pass, because we’ll live with guilt and regret. Lose, lose situation! We need to Grow up, speak up, then let it go and make peace with our past so it doesn’t destroy our futures.

“If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone.” -Romans 12:18

Be Blessed<3