Sometimes I think I just need to mind my own business.

This past weekend I went with my husband to the club. I was the designated driver amongst a group of his friends who were ahem a little under the influence (ok, a LOT under the influence). Needless to say, I was well out of place at the club (which, by the way, I do NOT recommend as a usual couples activity) and took to people watching. When that got boring, I started to watch his friends and make sure they were doing ok and not getting too reckless. However, what I saw knocked me off of my feet.

One of his friends is newly engaged, and let’s just say, he was NOT acting newly engaged. In fact, he was acting downright like a single man. He started dancing with a girl which, made me uneasy, but I let that slide. (Note: I wouldn’t want my OWN husband dancing with ANY other women, regardless of the dance) Then, the dancing started getting a lot more…. Physical. Even more so than our already physical way of dancing. My mind was racing. What do I do?

-Do I ignore it?
-Do I say something?
-Do I get my husband to say something?

What do I do? What would YOU do in that situation?

My mind was telling me to just mind my own business. However, what tipped the scale is the fact that I KNOW his fiancée. We aren’t besties, but we’ve had a few heart to hearts and she is actively planning their wedding. What tipped the scale even further is the fact that I would want to know if my husband, man, boyfriend, etc. was acting a total and utter fool! Because the man in question is not my friend, I asked my husband’s opinion. He agreed it was disrespectful and I requested that he say something to him promptly. As his friend, he owes it to him to look out for his friends and let him know he is being disrespectful. He did.

We get back to dancing and the man was acting more well behaved. I begin to enjoy my time and then I glance over and homeboy is CARESSING THE SAME GIRL’S DERIERRE. It got quite appalling to the point where I was determined to take a stand.

You see, one thing you’ll learn about me is if I see something wrong, I can’t just stand there. We girls need to look out for each other! We need to stop the cattiness and help each other out! Sometimes you can’t just #hairflip and walk away. Sometimes the #hairflip is taking ACTION!

I marched over and said quietly to his friend: “How would your fiancée feel if she knew what you were doing right now? If you don’t cut it out, I am NOT afraid to let her know how you are acting. You need to prove to her that you are worthy to be married.”

Then I stomped off. The ball was in his court. Should I have said something? Should I have let it go? Let me know your thoughts.

Maybe I should have minded my own business. But I can’t say that I feel badly for letting him have it.

P.S.- He told me he was acting that way because he was “just drunk”. However, he wasn’t too drunk to beg that I didn’t say anything to his fiancée.


BFDC love,