Miss Woman of Excellence Pageant “Unmask the Lady in You: Exposing Minds, Not Bodies”

Hello Ladies,
I hope that you all are as excited about the upcoming National Miss Woman of Excellence Pageant as we are. This year the pageant themed “Unmask the Lady in You: Exposing Minds, Not Bodies” will be held in beautiful Orlando, Florida on Saturday, March 22, 2014 at 6:00pm. We are looking forward to a night of overwhelming Excellence as we crown one of our five contestants below, the new MWOE.

University of Miami- Miss Natalie Diala
Florida State University- Miss Imani Osborne
University of South Florida- Miss Ionia Knott
University of Central Florida- Miss Sherma Jean
Florida International University- Miss Ashley Keys

We hope that all chapters are planning to provide their contestants with all the support they can. Each of these ladies have served this organization, they have given their time and their passion. It is our time to celebrate our MWOE, as they welcome the opportunity to use BFDC and their platform to reach many more with our message. Whenever we get together it is guaranteed that each woman will feel enhanced, embraced, and empowered. Let’s Celebrate!