National Miss Woman of Excellence Contestant: Kristi Brownlee

Hello everyone, I am Kristi Brownlee. I am representing the University of Miami chapter of the Black Female Development Circle in this year’s Miss Woman of Excellence Scholarship Pageant. I am currently a junior studying Public Health on the Pre-Medical track.

Female unity and empowerment are values that I uphold and advocate for. The reason I joined BFDC is because I was introduced to a group of like-minded women that upheld these same values. I love that the women of BFDC are my confidants and my supporters. Being the representative of my chapter was the least I could do to advocate and promote the values that we hold close to our hearts.

This year, in accordance with the pageant theme –Excellence Around the World –I will be representing the Dominican Republic. This country’s rich and emotional history, specifically pertaining to the struggles and triumphs of Afro-Dominicans, has been influential in my efforts to justly portray and represent it. The racial tensions within this country and the corresponding social segregation are reminiscent of racial disparities in the United States. Thus, in my efforts to be a representation of excellence around the world, I am appreciative of this country’s history and I look forward to what this pageant has in store. Be blessed!