New Year, New You?



Whooooooooooooooo!!!! *throws confetti*

Welcome to the first Monday of 2014!

*inhales* Smell that? That smells like a fresh start.

Whatever, you can call me corny, but I’m SERIOUS! The excitement of the start of the New Year is incredibly infectious. It’s hard NOT to get all caught up in making resolutions, jotting down goals and truly recommitting yourself to a “NEW YEAR, NEW YOU!”

But of course… whenever you try and be positive, there are always going to be a bunch of “Negative Nates” and “Derek Downers” trying to spoil your fun. (Like my creative name changes? Why do negative things always have to be associated with females? Pshhhh)

I like to call these particular people, “New Year’s Scrooges”.
You know… those people who took to social media saying, “Why everybody wait until the end of the year to make changes?” or “NEW YEAR, NEW YOU? That’s what you said last year!” and so on and so forth. Heck, maybe YOU were that New Year’s Scrooge! If you were, let me give you a new perspective.

Sure, you can make goals and resolutions any ol’ time of year. But there is just SOMETHING about starting something on the FIRST day of the FIRST month of the New Year that just screams “FRESH START! CLEAN SLATE!”

All I gotta say is, let them be great. Let’s look on the positive side of things… they want to make a change. Why should it matter when? And if someone doesn’t stick with it (Like those gym go-ers who pack the facility in January and fizzle out by March) how and why does that affect you? As I tell my students, “Worry about you.” Lol.

Deciding that resolutions just aren’t for you? One thing a lot of churches as well as other groups have started doing is the “One Word Resolution”. This can go by many different names, but the idea is pretty much the same. You choose a word that you would like to focus on for that entire year. While resolutions tend to be hard to follow through, one word is much easier to give your attention to!

My one word this year is “COMMITMENT”. I have a hard time sticking with things for the long haul. So, this year, I decided to COMMIT to all facets in my life. For example, every day, I am reading the bible. I am COMMITTING to reading the bible and devotionals every day. I am COMMITTING to be a better, godly wife to my husband. I’m COMMITTING to finding a full time job post-graduation. See how that works?
If you need help choosing a word or would like more information, this website is great:

Pick Your Word

Feel free to comment with your one word!


Johora Warren