“Breathe, Stretch, Shake and Let it Go”

“You don’t always need a plan. Sometimes you just need to breathe, trust, let go and see what happens” –Mandy Hale

The above quote especially speaks to me as I find myself transitioning from one phase of life to another.     As a woman who loves to plan out every single detail of her life, I found myself planning exactly what I want to do after graduation, where I want to be, etc.  However, as time rolled by, I realized that my plan wasn’t really working out like I thought it would.  Things just simply weren’t lining up for me like I hoped.

Just recently I had to let go of my plans and begin relying on the Master Plan for my life.  This is challenging for me because I don’t really know what that plan is.  I am forced to trust and have faith that everything is going to work out according to God’s plan for my life, not my own.  You see, life is full of change and transitions that we all have experienced since birth.  For example, as children we make the transition from little kid to teenager.  It is quite an awkward and uncomfortable transition, however, it’s necessary.  It’s not long before we reach this point of frustration and yell out the infamous words, “I’m not a little kid anymore!”.  We mature, learn, and experience life through different eyes.

As a recent college graduate, I am experiencing yet again another transition.  I am transitioning from being a college student to being a working adult.  I am transitioning from being dependent to completely independent.  This feeling is…awkward and uncomfortable because I do not know exactly what’s going to happen  next and I’m not sure where my life is going.  However, I have faith in a master plan that is set especially for me.  I will lean not on my own understanding but trust that this part of my life will only last for a season and that I soon we be in a place where I am content.  I encourage you to also find that peace in letting go of your own plans and trust that in the plan already set in place for you.

BFDC Love,


Purple Power 2015 : Women Under Construction Re-cap

“Don’t worry about being under construction right now because one day you’re going to be finished […] every construction project has an end date” – Monica May

This past weekend we were able to come together at The University of Central Florida for our 8th Annual Purple Power Conference. With 7 different seminars throughout the day there was so much inspiration, motivation, encouragement, and love that was being given that it was no surprise that everyone left feeling like they can take on anything.

Our last session of the day titled “Let’s Get to Work” featured Monica May; host of The Tom Joyner Morning Show and a news/community affairs director for STAR 94.5 COX Radio station in Orlando, FL. Monica is best described as the “HARDEST WORKING WOMAN IN RADIO” and on Saturday she spoke to us about how she got where she was today.

She made so many valid points but one that really stuck out to me was when she told us to “get off your island and explore […] you my find your places in places that you’d never expect…”. You would never expect that someone who is actually very shy in person is this booming memorable voice over the radio that loves to talk; but that’s exactly who Monica is. If she didn’t step out of her boundaries and her comfort zone she may not have had the opportunities that she was blessed with. And that spoke to me to get out of my comfort zone and start making steps to do things that I may not normally do because they could make me really happy. If you find yourself living a “routine lifestyle” where there isn’t much progression to where you want to go in life, you may have to switch up your routine and lean towards a new direction that can help you progress. If you have stage fright, get on stage; if you’re shy, talk to someone; if you’ve never traveled, go somewhere. The little steps lead to even bigger ones until you can finally stop and look back to see how far you’ve overcome.


BFDC Love,


Caution! Women Under Construction

Now that late registration has come to an end, I look forward to seeing all of your beautiful faces at Purple Power held at the University of Central Florida on August 15-16, 2015. This year’s theme is Women Under Construction. Now let’s take a moment to think about what that means. The definition of construction is, “the act of building something, typically a large structure, as well as, the creation or formation of an abstract entity”. We as women are constantly under construction. We are constantly progressing and doing better in this one life we have to live.

When I wake up each morning I remember that the day wasn’t promised and with God as the foundation that I, this “abstract entity” is built upon, I do all that I can to progress and serve as an inspiration for those around me. And you can too. Of course we all have set backs and sometimes even knock down a few of our bricks (and others’ too) but always remember that at the end of the day we are all Women Under Construction and you are valuable in so many ways. We should serve as confidants for each other and do all that we can in a world that has deemed us as vulnerable and sub-par. So let’s continue to strive to be the best women that we can and surprise the world with the impact we make!

See you in August! 🙂


BFDC Love,

Ashley Sullivan

Purple Power 2015: Late Registration Deadline July 15th, 2015!

Get excited Ladies! Purple Power is quickly approaching. Here are a few reminders to help you prepare for our 2015 Purple Power Seminar: Women Under Construction.

1. REGISTRATION ENDS ON WEDNESDAY, JULY 15th! Collegiate Members, don’t forget to register
your chapter by emailing our National Director of Records, Genesis Coleman (records@bfdcinc.org), with your Chapter Registration Form. Alumni/At Large Members, be sure to register on our Eventbrite page, purplepower2015.eventbrite.com.

2. Make sure your lodging accommodations are secured with the Hilton Garden Inn & Suites by Wednesday, July 15th. When making your reservation, request the BFDC rate to receive a
discount on your stay. Contact the Hilton Garden Inn at 1-866-311-6110.

3. Be prepared experience OUR mission as we continue to educate, explore, enhance and celebrate womanhood! Purple Power 2015 is new and dynamic and we’re so excited for each our member to be impacted by our diverse group of speakers.

If you have any questions or concerns prior to Purple Power, email me at specialproj@bfdcinc.org!

BFDC Love,

Aierress Hanna

Coming Out

Life is about GROWTH. Not just physical growth but mental, emotional, monetary, and spiritual growth. Growth cannot be achieved if you do not push yourself. Life can be very scary. Being a college student one semester away from adulthood, I question myself all the time. Experiencing growth can be overwhelming and discouraging but once you embrace the trials and tribulations your outlook on life changes. Growth only stops when you allow yourself to become at a standstill. Only you can stop your growth. The theme song for this blog is “Coming Out” by the legend Diana Ross. I encourage everyone to listen to this song and encourage yourself to continue to grow.

To Educate, Explore, Enhance, and Celebrate Womanhood