This past weekend it finally started to hit me that I have moved away from home and friends to a place where I barely know anyone. It started on Friday when I couldn’t find anyone to do anything with because most of the people I’ve met were going out of town or busy. Saturday and Sunday I didn’t even bother calling anyone and then Monday (Labor Day) I drove to work to get some things done for an upcoming event.

Then it happened. I locked my office keys and purse in my office and I was the only person on campus (as far as I knew). At that point I realized more than ever how many people I didn’t know very well because I was trying to figure out who I could call and how I should handle it. The part that kept me calm were the things I happened to have in my pockets. I had my cell phone and my car keys. So I could a) take the chance and go home without my ID or money or b) call a coworker and go get their keys. I chose option B and everything worked out… until I got back to my office, grabbed my purse, got back in the car… and my car wouldn’t start.

So as I sat in the parking lot slightly stunned, I again tried to figure out who I could call because this situation would be a little more involved than just borrowing a key because I actually live in a different city and would need to get home. So I called a different co-worker… but she didn’t answer. I was just about to panic when I remembered what had just happened not 20 minutes before. When I locked my purse in my office I still had everything I needed to fix the situation (car keys and phone). If that was the case for such a minor thing, then surely God would see me through a major thing like being able to get home. So instead of panicking, I did what any normal person would do… I called roadside assistance :-). They showed up, gave me a jump and I was on my way. I started the weekend feeling kinda down and lonely and ended it realizing that at all times I always have exactly what I need.

So today I decided to remind myself of what’s important and not focus on what I think I’m missing, but appreciate everything I have… I also decided to get a new battery for my car ;-).