Purple Power 2012 Recap

The 5th Annual Purple Power Seminar took place this past Saturday at Spelman College in Atlanta, GA! Members from as close as the Spelman campus and as far away as Oklahoma came together to refresh, renew, and remember why we fell in love with BFDC. We had a great day full of workshops and presentations under the theme, “My Sister, Myself: Women Inspiring Women.”

Once again we had the beautiful Angela Donald come and encourage us to “be inspired, stay inspired and to inspire our sisters.” She reminded us that what is for us, WILL be for us. Ms. Donald also made it clear that everything we want to have in our lives will require work and determination.

Our day continued with workshops developed by National Collegiate Representative, Persia Roache and myself for the high school and college students. Attendees learned how speak positive about their sisters, how to maintain high self-esteem and they also learned how to create positive self-affirmations to repeat to themselves daily.

The seminar continued with a heart-warming health and wellness presentation from Chantaye McLaughlin, a hardworking single mom living with Schizophrenia. As African American women, we've carried the stigma that we are not to be seen as weak or dependent, so to have her speak so openly and honestly about her obstacles and how she is getting through it, really opened our eyes!

Our oh-so lovely National Director Sandra Miles, PhD talked to us about “Putting in the Work” for the things we want. “Put in the work OR shut up” or “Put in the the work AND shut up.” We cannot get mad at other people for doing the things they need to do to get what they want if we are not willing to do the work we need to do to get what we want. We also learned that we don't need to boast about the work that we do, it will speak for itself. The moral of her message was if we were busy focusing on ourselves, we won't have enough time to worry about others. Good stuff, right?

My second favorite part of Purple Power was the panel with the National Board. I was so eager to get reconnected with the chapters, catch up on good times, and see what national board can do to assist them in their progress, so I wanted hear what they had to say. It was wonderful to see all the members, new and old WANTING to move forward in BFDC and wanting to see BFDC thrive.

My FAVORITE moment in Purple Power was announcing the newly established BFDC chapter at the University of South Florida! The new members have been so diligent and dedicated to the mission of BFDC and we cannot wait to see the amazing things they will bring to their campus. This is complete proof that BFDC is making moves and moving in the right direction. CONGRATULATIONS LADIES!

Special thanks to our wonderful speakers, Mrs. Keisha Johnson and the high school students, Mother's Finest for the wonderful food, Spelman Chapter for being our gracious hostesses, the national board for all their hard work and to ALL the members who made Purple Power a part of their schedule. I cannot wait to see how OUR organization flourishes throughout the year.

It is safe to say that  if you missed this year's Purple Power, you most certainly missed out.